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About me

Who is this guy??? You might wonder. Well I am Hendrik Vingerhoet, born in Germany (11416 days ago), living in the Netherlands. As you can see from my blog I do a lot of stuff in my free time, from 3d design and cnc metal working up to programming for all kinds of things.

I speak, write and understand three languages, German, Dutch and English. So feel free to contact me in any of those.

Apart from the above i am a calm/relaxed person, for example i love being in Sweden in the forest with nobody and no elektronics around.

I like to spend my days working on some projects, driving around in my car (if it isn't under construction), or just relaxing / doing nothing.
Currently I work in two small company's in Amsterdam, in one as Lead programmer and the other one as developer. Next to that I also have my own company!

My Curriculum Vitae

Name:Hendrik Vingerhoet
Day of birth:08-01-1989
Address:Send me an email
Phone:Send me an email
Languages:Dutch, German, English
Driving licence:B

My education

OSG De HogeBerg
1234 - 5678
OSG De HogeBerg
1234 - 5678
MediaCollege Amsterdam
1234 - 5678

Work experience

2008 - current

tik-tik bv. is a small company in Amsterdam, i started here as an intern. The internship was so good that i decided to stay there up to this day.

The companys main focus is soft and hardware for schools and childcare. Its main product being tik-tik itself which consists out of big touch screen interfaces on which parents, teachers and childeren can share information and organise things that are happening during the day. The parents can see what the kids are up to and what is happening at the daycare, the kids can choose from activities and play with their avatar, and the staff can see whats going on regarding planning and who is up to what.

2012 - current

My own company, started in 2012, its main focus is Webdevelopment/Softwaredevelopment. Other things include general computer things like building computers from scratch up to serviceing them, machining work for wood and metal in smaller quantitys and size, 3d CAD design and electronics.

2016 - 2016

Video-force specializes in purchasing products inside a video. I worked here as php developer. Sadly enough there where some major messups in payment and organisation, this is the reason i stopped.

Things without a real date to point at. Before i started my study at the MediaCollege Amsterdam i did some off and on stuff like helping my father out working on jewlery and decoration work at ZapraDesign. I also sold the products on bigger markets in Germany.
The websites and computer work started way earlyer as well. I started with elektronics at age 10, programming at age 15 and fixing computers about the same age.

Programming languages

PHP 95%

HTML 95%

JavaScript 85%

CSS 85%

VB.NET 76%

Some of the software i can work with


I can work with photoshop to a quite good level, not an expert in everything but i will get the job done!


Illustrator is one of my most used pieces of software, so i know my way round it.


If you can't manage office you shouldnt be a software developer...

After effects

Made multiple videos with this piece of nice software. Experience is quite ok, not an expert

Fusion 360

I do all my cad / cnc work in this. Can manage most of the tasks.


I use git on a daily basis for my work.